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About Us


Daniel, founder and director of Radex Construction has a highly admirable work ethic which he impresses upon all the team. A true leader leads from the front and this is exactly what Daniel does. He has a few “house rules” that ensure this!


The “Customer First” rule

We have a “customer first” approach. We know how important your project is to you and therefore it is to us. Our relationship with you is integral to the smooth operation of your project. We need to be open, honest and reliable. These are values we feel are important in life and important in business, so we ensure we represent them at all times.


The “beyond expectation” rule

Our aim is to deliver each job to the highest standard, a standard which Daniel has always set to reach “beyond the customer’s expectation”. We approach each job with a passion and zeal for achieving this ultimate level of satisfaction for you.


The “All IN, all the time” rule

We do not use sub-contractors! Radex are in charge from start to finish. You will have a primary point of contact throughout the project. Once we are on site, you will not see anyone but our experienced team. No miss communications, no different standards and work ethics. Once we are in we are “All IN!”


The Practical’s

There are many aspects of a construction project which can be a “mine field” for you the customer to navigate, such as planning applications and architectural drawings. Let us help! We can assist you through these processes with as little pain and discomfort as possible. That’s maybe one less thing you need to worry about!


Free estimates

We know the initial stages of planning your project, choosing your contractors and so on can be a tense time. With this in mind, we offer a free estimate service. Just contact us direct and we will gladly hear about your project and get all the information we need to give you a competitive estimate. 


We cover London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire

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